Providing Immediate Value for K-12 Schools

Owner Insite helps private and public school leaders have total control over their projects by allowing them to manage their data, work efficiently with their team, and share information to keep everyone on the same page. If you want more control reach out to us at 888-336-3393 or set up a free tour.

Owner Focused

Track and keep all of your data related with the project.

Track and manage all personnel working on the project regardless of turnover rate.

Easily track financial data to account for costs, improve budgeting, and be prepared in case of an audit.

Keep a record of associated employees and warranties for maintenance, repair, and overhaul.

Avoid Delays (Instagram)

Streamline the workflow by enabling fluid communication.

A documented approval process that allows users to review, reject, edit, and approve plans as needed.

Email Newsfeed to receive alerts and stay up to date with all of your projects.

Allows your subcontractors, contractors, engineers, and architects to communicate with each other in an orderly fashion.

Data Visibilty (Insta)

Meticulous record keeping so the school can keep all of the data at the end of the project and ultimately provide transparency for:

      > Bond Voters and Constituents

      > Board Members

      > Project Stakeholders 

      > Superintendents

      > Facilities Director

* This will allow you to meet your obligated Construction Litigation Hold requirements.